Friday, March 28, 2014

Good News, Coming Up!

Tehilla took a nice nap and woke up calm, and in a better mood. Then she started gnawing on her IV dressing and looking hungrily at every syringe.

So, the PICU Doctor  said to give her a bit to eat. I gave her 40ccs, which she drank in a minute and a half, with the doctor looking on. She kept it down, so they gave her aspirin. She has kept it down and been in a friendly mood. 

One of the surgeons came in to report to Dr. Erez. He was happy that she seemed better, but was upset that he hadn't been consulted and threatened to scream at everyone if she throws up or is nauseous.  :-)

But she is very calm and so far keeping it down. If she keeps it down, then I will give her another 40cc in a half an hour. 


  1. Keep sending good news out way as we keep sending tefillos heavenward!

  2. We davened for Tehilla at the kotel this morning, may she continue from strength to strength!

  3. Have prayed everyday for Tehilla and your family . Know that Tehilla will continue to gain strength as Hashem wills it.
    Always love,

  4. Thank God for such good news! Our shabbat learning will be in Tehilla's name. Wishing you all a shabbat shalom and continued calm and appetite!

  5. Hi. I just came across your blog. We are currently in Boston for our daughters heart surgery. We live in Jerusalem and her first two surgeries were performed by Dr. Erez. Just like you, we were so happy with him and his devotion and wonderful personality. Along with prof rein he really helped us through the difficult situation. We were very sad going to Boston for this very rare surgery mostly because we so much enjoyed Dr. Erezs care for our little Miriam and us. But he and prof rein both felt that the surgery scheduled for Monday could only be done in Boston. We will have tehilla in our prayers, we know what you are going thru, its not easy. But there is a great light at the end of the tunnel and you will see so much blessing from Hashem even hidden in the hardest moments. Hashem and the angel Rafael are right there on the seventh floor guiding everything all the time.
    I will continue to follow and hope to only see good news!

    1. What is your daughter's name? I would like to daven for her. May God send her and all the dear sick little ones a refua shleima quickly!

    2. Miriam Rachel bas Chava Elisheva
      Thank you so much.

    3. Shteigman, have no idea if you'll see this, but if you do I just wanted to ask how Miriam is doing?

  6. To Shteigman, using little Tehilla Ima's blog, to let you know will keep also your little Miriam in my prayers.
    Be blessed.

  7. Yay! Seems she is recovering faster than the doctors want to believe!