Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moving Down

Tehilla had a great night! I mean absolutely great, why doesn't she do this at home, kind of great night. She slept from 12:30- 6:30am without waking up. Yes, I had to chase out a cleaner from taking out the garbage at 4:00am. But Tehilla got sleep and that's what counts. 

Tehilla hasn't been peeing a lot and she went down in weight. My milk has gone severely down. It's possible it's from that. Of course, now that Tehilla has nursed, she is refusing a bottle. I took some natural supplement thing to help my milk. They are debating putting her on Fussid. 

Dr. Erez came to see her. We are definitely moving to the 4th floor today. It's an awful ward, but it is the next step to getting home. They must see her gain weight before we can go home. So, some fat thoughts, pretty please?


  1. Fat thoughts coming your way from brooklyn!

  2. Is Tehilla allowed high-fat food?
    Can you mix cream or butter into her baby food?
    Can she eat avocados?
    Ice cream? Hey, sugar and fat = weight gain!
    Sending fat thoughts her way!
    And continued progress in her healing, bezH.

  3. If you need to increase your milk supply overnight, I highly recommend taking Moringa Arava. (It's not sold in every pharmacy, so check their website to see where the closest place it's sold is.) It worked for me, giving me a super boost within a day and a half of starting to take it. Best of luck! Keeping Tehilla in our tfilot!

    1. Thank you! That's actually exactly what I am taking. I hope it helps right away.

  4. dear have been given great suggestions...
    only other thing i could think to add is that baby massage may often show improved digestion and in turn weight gain...if any way to do so without disrupting all the tubes, etc. perhaps something to do...
    may tehillah continue to do well each day...may you contnue to have your wonderful strength..
    heddy..speech therapist from queens xo

  5. The hospital can give you polycose to add. Also in the cabinet behind the nurses desk they may have packs of maternal powder stuff that's supposed to be really good for fattening them up fast. The nurses don't always know but the dieticians there told me about it and where it's stashed.