Thursday, March 27, 2014

Step Down

They removed her chest tubes and she had had a very hard time. Her heart rate repeatedly went above 200.

Now, she has her chest tube out, her central line out and a few other monitoring devices. She had a sponge bath and is calm and wearing her beautiful hospital gown. Thank you Rebekah! 


  1. She looks good:) im yirtzeh it should continue

  2. i am a friend of your father's...and once i heard about dear tehillah's surgery i just began to follow ..i work with young medically fragile and special needs children here in ny...your little tehillah is such an incredible warrior! what strength you have! sending you heartfelt prayers and wishes for continued strength during the recovery process. Her little smile can melt you! She's in my prayers each day! She really looks wonderful in such short time! While we do not know each other directly, if anything i can do from this distance, do not hesitate.:)