Sunday, October 27, 2013


Tehilla's blood work came back clean. No infection. They sent us for an x-ray of her leg to make sure it wasn't a calcium deposit- it's not. 

Her leg just has damaged tissue that will heal over time. As for her non-stop crying, it's possible that she has some pain from all her various reasons. If we see that she is crying incessantly and nothing else soothes her, give her Tylenol.

Thank G-d.


  1. I am so happy to hear that Tylenol helps her with pain. What a little trooper. Tehilla really touches my heart with hers. Thank you for updating this blog about Tehilla and how she is doing. She is quite the special little neshama.

  2. Yay for going home (again)!

    Who wouldn't have some aches and pains after a month like that?! Glad the tylenol helps, Baruch Hashem. Wishing little Tehilla a full healing and that she keeps growing... sending fat thoughts her way :)

  3. So glad to read that she is doing so well and home at last!

    As far as her crying, my son Zeke also cried incessently and I thought it was from his pain post-op (which some of it was) but his crying was really a painful cry in which he would arch back or wince forward. It seemed gastric related. The answer was prevacid (an antacid) because of the aspirin he was on. I am not sure if Tehilla is on aspirin, but even though it is a low dose, for a baby it can build up in the stomach and cause irritation, even ulcers. Once he started with the antacid his crying and arching back stopped and he was able to be the calm and happy baby he was.