Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fat Thoughts

Tehilla has been eating mostly pretty well. At most of her meals she eats between 40-50cc. Her eating is no longer a problem.

The problem we face is that she keeps losing weight. It is a normal response of the body after surgery. But until they see that her body has recouped completely and she is starting to go up in weight, we can't go home. At birth, she weighed 2.790 kg. Today, our little warrior weighed in at 2.615 kg.  The nutritionists are hard at work trying to fatten her up. 

So, please, think fat thoughts! 


  1. she can have some of my fat :) Refuah shleima!!!!

  2. Eating well sounds like a huge, positive step! Sending lots of fat thoughts Tehilla's way!

  3. Good luck fattening her up! What type of formula has she been eating? Are they adding polycose to her formula? You are in good care over there in the surgical ward. Is she still in the immediate care surgical ward?