Thursday, October 17, 2013

Doing well

We have been increasing Tehilla's feeds every third meal. Right now, she is getting 35cc every meal. The goal is to get her to 50cc. Once she is eating at least half of that by mouth, they will take out her feeding tube. 

The formula is doing the trick. The fluids being drained from her chest have severely decreased and are translucent.

She has been doing well. Thank G-d. 


  1. Shoshana that is wonderful I hope she picks up her feeding and everything clears up. It is the first step to recovery. We are davening for her here in my girls schools. Tehilla is in our thoughts at all times.

    Love Deborah Toledano.

  2. Save the breast milk. It will help latter. I pumped and saved for three months before my child who drink the gold.