Monday, October 21, 2013

Rockin' the Scar

Tehilla had her feeding tube removed! She ate 47cc at her last meal! I had stopped using the feeding tube after an incident with a nurse yesterday. I had also realized that the feeding tube would be on a drip for an hour, so by the time it was her next feeding she wasn't hungry enough. She has been moved up to 60cc a feeding and what she doesn't eat I drip into her mouth slowly with a syringe. 

Tehilla has gone down in weight, so they will be adding to her Monogan formula something with glucose to raise her calories. 

Tehilla just had her stitches removed. You can see the top of her heart warrior scar in the picture.

They have mentioned that we will probably be discharged from the hospital on Thursday!


  1. I just woke up and saw this wonderful news. Our prayers are coming through loud and clear! May she continue to improve minute by minute and by Thursday the family will be able to welcome her home!!

  2. WOW!!!! such beautiful news!!! keep it coming!

  3. No NG-tube is awesome. You tell Tehilla from me to keep up the great work!