Sunday, October 27, 2013


We went to our appointment with the nutritionist. Tehilla went up in weight to 2.794, her birth weight. The plan is to keep going with the Monogan and Polycose. 

After the appointment, I went to see Dr. Erez's nurse, Ifat. Tehilla had cried the entire Shabbat. As well, her left foot had had an IV during surgery and had been bruised. It looked a bit red and swollen to me. Ifat sent us to see Dr. Golander, one of the cardiologists, who is also a pediatrician. He was concerned about her leg. He said it could either be damaged tissue from the IV that would eventually heal, or the skin was infected. 

So, he sent us to the ER for a blood test. We are being sent to a ward for the blood test. If it is an infection, we will be readmitted to the hospital. 

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  1. You are on a roller coaster -- up and down! I don't mean to sound "sappy", but I am the mother of a child who has faced many obstacles. He nearly died at 10 days old and then again when he was 2. He has had ongoing challenges due to some brain damage from oxygen deprivation. . . downs, right? But, Shoshana, my son is the sweetest boy in the world. He is smart. He is kind. The "ups" have been more than recompense for the roller coaster. Please know you are in my heart as is your whole family.