Tuesday, October 15, 2013


This morning, when I walked in, we had a nurse that we hadn't had before. She said to me, "Is this THE Tehilla that I've been saying Tehillim for?" 

Tehilla took milk by mouth last night and they are slowly raising the amount. When she doesn't finish a bottle, they give her the rest through the feeding tube.

Today's feedings haven't been very successful. They believe that Tehilla is in pain, although they can't determine, exactly from what. They gave her Tylenol and then Morphine. 

Here is a picture of her getting bathed by some of our wonderful nurses.

Also, thank you to Ayelet and Noa, some extended family, for helping decorate Tehilla's wall. The nurses hung the pictures up right away.


  1. awww little sweetie...breaks my heart to see her crying