Sunday, October 20, 2013

Morning of Promise

A few of the doctors came around just now. They are planning on taking Tehilla's chest tube out today. The plan is to keep her on formula for several weeks more, to make sure the fluid doesn't come back. 

They are also talking about transferring us. Except for the two days before Tehilla's Norwood surgery, when she was in the NICU, we have been in the PICU this entire time. They would transfer us to the post-op children's ward. It is part of the step-down process. The point of sending us there is that Tehilla would still be under medical attention, but far less. I would be the primary caregiver, as opposed to in the PICU, where the nurses are the primary caregivers and I just assist. The purpose of it, is more to prepare me for going home than with anything else. It's expected, barring any complications that we would be there less than a week. 

Dr. Erez is the one who would have to sign off on us being transferred, so we'll see what he has to say. 

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