Sunday, October 20, 2013


We were just transferred. Yes, it felt fast for me too. It feels like we just went from first class to the luggage compartment. Before Tehilla had her own room with a nurse that we sometimes shared with another room and a full staff of doctors constantly attending to her and up to 7 other patients. I had my own little room outside of the PICU with a bed, closet and night table. 

We are now in a great big communal room with 7 other patients and 2 nurses separated only by curtains. I have a pull out chair/bed, next to her.  There is no privacy and there is constant noise. We have been reunited with a "sunshine" of a child that we had the "pleasure" of meeting in the PICU. This boy spits out his medicine, pulls out his IVs and screams from dawn until dusk. Before there was a door. 

I'm going to click my heels together and remind myself it's only supposed to be for no more than a week...

And then home. 


  1. Eizeh Yofi!!! May you bring home a happy healthy Tehilla, soon!

  2. You must be beyond exhaustion, you have been through so many "ups and downs" -- but remember that this is good news! Tehilla was strong enough to transfer to this level of care which is wonderful news! Best news yet -- she may be going home in a week! B"H!!