Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fighter Spirit

I know that Tehilla is only 15 days old and only a baby. So, maybe it's just in my head, or maybe I have cabin fever. But this kid loves to prove people wrong. It's like a sense of humor that she shouldn't have yet. 

One minute the doctors will mention how she isn't peeing enough, so she'll go and pee at the most in opportune time. 

Or, right now, I walked in and the nurse was in middle of telling the doctor how she won't eat the formula by mouth, and they'll have to only give it through feeding tube. I asked if I could try with her, and not only did she eat the entire bottle but we were able to increase her formula by 5cc. 

Her oxygen saturation will go too low, so they give her a little oxygen, only for them to turn their backs to walk out of the room and her oxygen will go too high, so they have to turn it off. 

It's like a fighter spirit she has in her, to not let anyone set her limits. 


  1. We had similar experiences with our preemie (born at 26w). Among other things, he extubated himself, went from needing eye surgery to being fine, reached milestones when we were about to give up...
    In the NICU the nurses tols me early on that this one was stubborn and had obviously decided he would not only live but live to his fullest.
    Wishing the same success to Tehilla :-)

  2. May Hashem keep sustaining your life and may you grow stronger and stronger each little keep fighting little baby

  3. So happy to read positive updates here. I found this blog through a friend and I've been reading everything and praying for your little girl.