Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Attack on Happiness

In possibly the biggest attempt known to mankind, we just attacked happiness head on. As soon as Tehilla awoke, we started talking very soothingly and upbeat.

When any nurse or doctor started to come in the room, in our nicest tone we said, "Hi Dr. So-and-so. We don't want anyone in our room right now. We are scared. Oh, you just need that paper? Okay!  Bbye!"

Everyone took the hint well and backed out of the room. Either that or they think I'm crazy and wanted to get away.

We then started bringing in tons of stuff. First was the awesome yellow and pink flamingo flip-flops (Thank you, Rita!). Tehilla was really happy about those. But it was the colorful slinky from Eleanor that made Tehilla talk. She said, "Whoa! Look at this!" She started making eye contact and talking a little bit.

Then we took out the big bag of pipe cleaners and pompoms that Grandma sent and made some fuzzy animals. That had Tehilla even smile and ask for a Hello Kitty one. The doctors and nurses peaked in and were overjoyed to see her looking more attentive and happy.

She also loved the Minnie Mouse balloon from Kalanit and requested Ron buy her pink ice cream. She actually had two tiny spoons! 

So the "Make Tehilla Happy" campaign is well underway and is making progress.


  1. Hooray :) Davening in NJ :)

  2. Hi sure you have had a ton of advice! just want to share something that really helped us when our little boy was in hospital with meningitis. He didn't speak for days,and was very sad and unresponsive of coarse we were all concerned. they wanted to run a lot of different tests. i was not so happy about them i called the principle of his school (she happens to be an amazing person and chinuch expert!). She told me to go down stairs buy a big white board markers and papers.
    draw for him the whole experience from the beginning until now. Explaining in very simple terms what had happened.
    I did this at first there was no response i kept doing it over and over. After 48 hrs he started to respond not long after he started talking. it was amazing and the doctors couldn't believe it. children do suffer from the trauma of these experiences. So keep up your AWESOME work!!!

    Tehilla should just go from strength to strength

  3. B'H! Will keep davening for Tehilla....

  4. Taking challah multiple times a day here in Niagara Falls!