Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We Love Camp Sports

Yesterday, we received a very special package from Camp Sports. There were two very exciting Hello Kitty books with an extraordinary note on the back of a "No Talking or Texting for Tehilla" poster.

It says:

"Dear Balofsky Family,

Each note represents one NCSYer in Camp Sports who is not texting or talking during davening for a complete refuah shelema for Tehilla. We hopes she enjoys our notes and the books.

From NCSY Camp Sports
Family for Life"

The books are incredible and one plays songs which we have been listening to constantly thanks to a very obsessed Tehilla. The books had little post-it notes stuck throughout all the pages. The notes are little get well cards with pictures from the boys. We have counted 85 notes!  That is 85 boys that have taken this on for Tehilla.

Tehilla loved the notes. She pulled each one off and said, "Boys drew this for me! Wow. This nice. I like this one. Boys are so nice."

Camp Sports, you have touched our hearts! This was a very thoughtful present! We will be enjoying it until the batteries run out! The cards are so meaningful and will be going into the album I'm making for Tehilla of all the cards.

Your prayers are what has linked our family with all of you (and all of you, blog family). We have been blessed with such a loving and wonderful extended family.

Thank you!


  1. This show how we all should love one an other. Such a Blessing. I am so happy Tehilla is doing so well. Baruch HaShem. To Him be All the Glory!

  2. Prayers ,I know God's has a special purpose for this beautiful child, our family is yours. We love y'all.