Monday, July 11, 2016

Exhausting Day

As it turns out, post-surgery toddlers who get next to no sleep can be little tyrants.

Tehilla woke up from her nap screaming hysterically in pain. We gave her pain medication but it took time to kick in and she was screeching for a half an hour. When she finally calmed down, anything that she could reach was thrown at me or the nurses. She was in the worst mood and the only way I got her to calm down was to watch some Peppa Pig.

During this time, she disconnected her holter monitor wire. We only realized an hour later and it was quickly reconnected.

Once she had been calm for awhile, I gave her a snack and managed to convince her to go outside for some fresh air. We blew bubbles and searched for cats. She really wanted to play in the park but she realized quickly that it was beyond her limitations. We still walked around and her energy has definitely built up to allow her more activity.

We came inside and headed to the gymboree. She played there for awhile and then we went back to our room. Her exhaustion overwhelmed her and she became difficult again. We played a little with some toys and then she ate dinner. She got angry that I offered her a drink and threw a meatball at me.

She started getting pains again. We forcefully took pain medication again and then got ready for bed.

While I was putting things away, she covered herself with her blanket. We sang Shema. I turned to get something and turned back to find her fast asleep.

It was an exhausting day. I'm very hopeful that she will get a decent night's sleep. She took the pain medication and also took the antihistamine.

At one point, she picked her shirt up to look at her scabs and scars. All she saw was Hello Kitty bandaids. She thought for a minute and then put her shirt down. It looks like that helped her.

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  1. Sending you heartfelt love (and some energy, too ☺️)