Thursday, July 14, 2016

More Positive Outlook

Tehilla's echo was excellent! Her heart function was great, her pressures looked good and everything looked really well. Even better than before her surgery! (I expect that you are clapping!)

Clinically speaking (meaning how she appears), you would have a hard time figuring out that she just had major heart surgery. She is running, jumping, laughing, playing and already getting into trouble. She is eating, drinking, pooping, peeing, sleeping, crying, and applying nail polish. She looks fine!

They are not happy with her heart beat. It's low even when she is awake and playing and it's low when she is sleeping. It's too low. Her heart skipped not once but twice and that concerns them.

They tore our cardiologist away from his son's bar-mitzvah (Mazal Tov!) to get his opinion. He felt that it's too early to know enough and we are far away from a pacemaker.  There is still a chance that this is post-op craziness and that everything will right itself. Especially because she is doing so well. (Another applause is in order here.)

They are sending us home (Yay!!!!!) with a pulse ox monitor to monitor her at night, just in case. They want her to do the holter in 2 weeks again. And in 3 weeks to come back for an echo and to see our cardiologist.

But we are going home!!!! Home. Home. I can't believe it. We have been at the hospital for 12 days. Our Tehilla survived another heart surgery and is going to sleep in her own bed tonight. I can't stop the tears from rolling down my face.

Your job, blog family, is to cheer us on home and then spend the next two weeks praying and praying and telling your friends to pray- that the holter in two weeks shows a big improvement. 



  1. Yay! A combination of joy and sadness.
    We will keep on praying. Tehilla will be better home. B"H

  2. So much love and joy I'm sending to you and Tehilla. B"H

  3. Please be well, beautiful girl. Lots of love

  4. Baruch His Holy Name. With all praise to His Glory. I am so happy to see she will sleep in her own bed, finally.