Monday, July 4, 2016


We have had a rough morning. A big aspect of the Fontan is the redirection of the blood flow into her lower extremities. This causes temporary swelling in her gut and severe nausea and vomiting.

Tehilla has not been able to keep anything down, despite the medications that she is being given.

She had another popsicle which went well, but any sip of water leads to her throwing up. She just received a bath and is much calmer. She is watching Caillou which started a PICU discussion amongst the doctors.

Tehilla is loving all the decorations that you all made. We have been talking about them. Thank you!

She loves her Hello Kitty night light (thank you, Elisheva!) and her big Hello Kitty doll (thank you, Carol!). She is now sucking on a Dum Dum lollipop  (thank you, Grandma!) which is keeping her nausea at bay. The little surprises are helping and raising her spirits. We will give her more surprises later.

I'll update more later.


  1. If you need more Dum Dums let me know...I brought back a ton from America and I'll find a way to get them to you from Beit Shemesh.

  2. Just sending a hug. One mum to another.

  3. Just sending a hug. One mum to another.