Saturday, July 9, 2016

Healing Shabbat

Tehilla and I had a very nice Shabbat with Tito (uncle) Chaim.

Tehilla's oxygen saturation started stabilizing more and more until they decided to start weaning her down off oxygen.

This afternoon, our surgeon came to check on Tehilla and saw that her chest tube was not draining that much anymore and it could come out. He also removed her pacing wires which they had kept in as a precautionary measure because her heart rate was unstable at the beginning.

Once her chest tube was removed, Tehilla slept and woke up in the best mood. We weaned her completely off oxygen with a saturation of 82.

We took her to the gymboree. At the beginning, she was a bit wobbly, but 5 minutes later she was running around and cautiously climbing. She was back to her old self.

Her pain medication wore off and that made her oxygen drop. We are now waiting for the new medication to kick in.

Tomorrow morning, she is going for an xray to check on the fluid on her left side. Please pray that it has gone down and she does not need a new chest tube.

All that she has on her right now is an IV that we are protecting like gold.

Things are going so well for her, thank G-d. Seeing her climbing all over the gymboree just 7 days post-heart surgery was the most amazing thing. This Shabbat healed her leaps and bounds- literally.

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