Monday, July 4, 2016

Scary Monkey Antics

The nurse was changing Tehilla's medication, when she started to do it again: Look off into the distance and not respond.

I started calling her name. The nurse saw what was happening and got the doctors. Pretty quickly the room was filled with doctors and nurses calling her name and touching her and clapping and jumping and trying to get a response. We cleared the bed and prepared for another response and one doctor went and purposefully hurt her fingernail. She jumped back and whined and then noticed the room of doctors and nurses and started screaming. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

She did that one other time, but this time, we hurt her quicker. Again she jumped which shows its not a seizure, as she wouldn't respond to pain. They believe she is just dazed because of some sedation they gave her. Although, it's still unusual behavior.

So, thank g-d, she has not had any more seizures, but she is keeping everyone on their toes.

I finally convinced her to lay back and go to sleep by giving her this new Hello Kitty pillow (Thank you Mom and Chaim!) She is also wearing this amazing hospital gown that my dear heart mom friend, Kristi, made for her.


  1. Praying for Tehilla's soon healing and recovery.. B"H

  2. Praying for Tehilla's soon healing and recovery.. B"H

  3. I hope Tehilla will be soon out of the hospital .Refua Shlema

  4. Holding my baby tehilla and davening for yours! Refuah shlaima. May it continue to go as smoothly as possible