Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mama Bear

There was a Mama Bear siting today, directed at our surgical team. Residents and students alike went running for cover...

In all seriousness, when the surgical team came for ealy morning rounds, I told them how angry I was that no one pushed to get the results but also that no one had the basic decency to come and update us and instead left us worried for hours.

After some back and forth the attending surgeon felt terrible and apologized for not handling the situation appropriately. He assured me that something like that would not happen again. 

The team has also weighed the risks of all situations and realizes the chances of Tehilla catching something while hospitalized are far greater than the miniscule chance that something is seriously wrong. We are still waiting for the results from the holter monitor, but they have started the process of discharging us!

Tehilla just went for an xray and we are waiting for an echo. Discharge papers will be written up. Hurray! We are going home!


  1. It's about time! Any kid that can play in the park like she did yesterday after a Fontan is READY to go home. Go Tehilla!

  2. so happy for you guys! should we still be davening?