Thursday, July 7, 2016

Gymboree Time

After Tehilla and I both took naps, we both felt better and ready to take on our new living arrangement. First we ate some dinner and watched some Peppa Pig.

Then we decided to go for another walk. Her Tito (Uncle) Chaim came from the IDF army for a visit and this brought Tehilla to life. She played with him endlessly. We went for another walk and rode the see-through elevators up and down. 

We got off at the entrance floor where there are two large gymborees. She asked to come out of the stroller and go inside. We were hesitant but since she hasn't been active and wouldn't put any weight on her legs, we thought this could be the push she needs.

Very carefully we removed her and the oxygen tank from the stroller. She was very unsteady at first. We supported her and carried the oxygen tank through the gymboree. She was so happy!

She got stronger and more steady and needed less and less support. But obviously after only 4 days post heart surgery, she became tired. We quickly moved her back to the stroller and walked some more. 

We came back to her bed and Tito (uncle) Chaim had a balloon fight with her. It had her using her arms and moving around a lot. Tito Chaim is our new physical therapy program.

Not only has he helped with her movement but he has brought her spirits up to the point where she didn't freak out when the nurse came to take her vitals. 

Our surgeon also stopped by to check on things. He mentioned that they are not sure yet that she needs another chest tube, so they are watching and waiting. This would be a very good thing to specifically pray for. That her fluids drain and she needs no additional tubes. 

Thank g-d, we are moving in the right direction and really just focusing on moving progress forward. 


  1. B"H, fabulous pictures. Kol Hakavod Tito!

  2. Wow! You can really see from her eyes the joy being with her Tito. BARUC HASHEM!

  3. Wow! You can really see from her eyes the joy being with her Tito. BARUC HASHEM!