Monday, July 11, 2016

Holtor Tracking

Tehilla had a busy morning. First, our surgeon came to check on her. He approved her IV being removed. I explained that Tehilla was up most of the night scratching her scabs and scars. I asked that she be allowed to take Fenistil, an antihistamine, which he agreed with.

I also asked that she be allowed bandaids over her scabs to cover them up, since she is very distressed by the marks.  He said as long as they weren't completely closed and open a bit, it was fine.

We were called shortly after for the holter monitor. We had such a nice lady who really worked with Tehilla. She saw how frightened she was so she explained the holtor monitor to her by using her doll. It really helped to calm Tehilla and she was much more cooperative.

I have to track any activity that Tehilla does and the times, to help with the analysis of the data.

Next we went back to our room and Doreen, our cardiac nurse, removed the top and bottom clip of the sutures on Tehilla's scar.

We then went to the mall and found Hello Kitty bandaids! We walked around and then came back to our room. Tehilla ate lunch and then I put the bandaids on. Tehilla was much happier seeing them and I think this might really help.

Now she is napping- which I'm going to take advantage of.


  1. Nice to hear the improvement of Tehilla.

  2. Nice to hear the improvement of Tehilla.