Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Contagious Happiness

Last night was extremely horrible. Tehilla didn't sleep. She was irritable, overtired, and sometimes in pain. After our nurse called the head nurse of this floor, no one is objecting to any medications for Tehilla. 

So, by the time the morning came around, no amount of makeup was going to change the purple bags or the throbbing headache.

We walked to the mall that is adjoining the hospital to get coffee and something that Tehilla would eat for breakfast. 

On the way, we passed nearly every pediatric cardiologist and resident. They all are familiar with Tehilla's case.

Their faces were all shining with huge smiles, as they strained to see Tehilla, the baby that astoundingly survived the surgery and recovered against all odds.

They just couldn't contain their excitement. 

It made me reflect- am I really going to be cranky because of a lack of sleep.  Really? A miracle happened to my child. That is where my head needs to be.

Today, Tehilla will be discharged from the hospital- 6 days after G-d said yes to our prayers. 

We just had our echo. I'm writing the findings in a separate blog post.

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