Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Not Good

I wish that I had better news to share.

Tehilla just had her echo with Dr. Golander.  First thing is first, he couldn't  see her pulmonary arteries because she was screaming too much. She will need a sedated echo- where they sedate her and do an echo, soon. The problem is that she has already had all her IVs taken out. They are talking to the anesthesia team to figure it out. The sedated echo will either be later today or tomorrow.  In any event, we will go home tonight and if the sedated echo is tomorrow, she won't be discharged officially, and just allowed to sleep at home.

The second part is that her heart functionality is not good. She will be given the absolute maximum dose of Enalapril and put back on Digoxin to try to improve her heart function.

He wants to see us again in a week.

My initial reaction is to feel defeated, but that can't be my reaction.  We had a miracle happen. Let's just ask again. Yeah?

Can we get the prayer wheel started again?


  1. Oh Shoshana! What a roller coaster all of you are on -- up and down! Of course my prayers continue -- they have never stopped.

  2. Tehilla is AWLAYS in my thoughts and prayers!!!! Stay strong you are an amazing mom and woman!!!

  3. I check in everyday.. I'm keeping this little warrior in my prayers. You are amazing parents with an amazing baby.

  4. Prayers for all of you! (((hugs)))


  5. praying and sending so much strengthxxx

  6. sweet baby girl, our prayers are for you and your mom and dad

  7. Know that she is in our prayers, and in our shul also.