Monday, December 22, 2014

Seventh Night of Hannukah

Happy seventh night of Hannukah!

Today, I took Mechal and Tehilla to a park. Tehilla had a great time playing on the slides and seesaw. It was pretty cold and windy out, but take a look at Tehilla's lip color! Still pink! We put Tehilla on a spring rocking horse and she said, "Weeeeeee!"

Tehilla is only a year and two months, but we are starting to see some definite terrible two behavior. It's actually quite funny to watch such a little person absolutely lose her mind. Today, she freaked out because Mechal touched the spring rocking horse park toy. How dare Mechal. It is clearly Tehilla's. Thankfully, Mechal is old enough to find it just as amusing as we do.

Thank G-d, for normal toddlerisms!

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  1. I’m glad that Tehilla’s doing well. I’d just like to say that, according to the article at , if a toddler goes down a slide in someone’s lap with her feet touching the slide, then her feet might catch on the slide and be hurt.
    Happy birthday to Tzviel, and wish you all the best!