Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dr. Golander Visit

Dr. Golander came to check her! He was so thrilled to have heard how well she did with the surgery! I told him about what happened with the PICU last night and he actually agreed with me. That felt good to hear.

He said that pain management was the key to her recovery and to push and advocate as much as possible to ensure she gets pain medication on the new schedule. 

He wants her eating and drinking more. He's overall happy with how she is doing. He will be switching her blood pressure medication back to Enalapril. 

Post surgery she needs to avoid people for a month, because any infection can be very severe. But post-Glenn life is safer and easier. We did it!!!

Everyone is overall really happy with her recovery and that we made it to the Glenn. 

Both Dr. Erez and Dr. Golander loved the wearing red to support Tehilla and spread awareness.  They want to see the pictures! Now that we are on this floor, I have nowhere safe to store my computer.  When we get home, I will post all the amazing pictures we received.

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