Friday, December 5, 2014


We've got a determined heart warrior over here! She is setting her own limits.

There are two schools of thought 1) take it nice and slow, administer medications to relax her and gently ease into step down 2) give pain medication, keep her alert and go for it.

The doctors thought the first approach would be better. Tehilla disagreed with their professional opinion.

She is determined to wake up and had them remove everything from her face or she would do it herself. Then she cried and smacked her lips together, until they agreed she could drink- a little bit.

Well,  she grabbed that sippy cup and started drinking fast. They brought me a bottle so it would be a slower flow.  She finished the bottle and we gave her more.

The doctor came in to tell us to not allow her to drink more than 100 cc. Um...she already drank 160 cc.

Now she's sleeping really well and her vitals are perfect. They have requested her favorite foods from the kitchen.

With their permission, I gave Tehilla a foot massage using the essential oils blend that was custom made for her. Again, I'm a skeptic, but who doesn't love a foot massage!

Our nurse is amazed at her recovery. She is flying through their steps.

Thank G-d for a miraculously successful surgery and an astoundingly amazing recovery!


  1. So happy to hear Tehilla's recovering nicely! We will continue to daven for her here in Brooklyn, NY!

  2. Baruch Hashem! Hoping for continued good news, she's looking great!

  3. BH BH BH love reading the recovery updates, she's awesome!