Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Oopsy Daisy

While waiting for her X-ray, Tehilla lost her footing and fell and banged her head on a table leg. She has a nice bruise, partly thanks to the aspirin she takes.

She is fine, but hospital policy is that when someone gets hurt on premises, they need to be checked by a doctor.

We completed all tests and examinations, so this is the only thing that we are waiting for.

We bumped into our surgeon. He was ecstatic to see Tehilla and remarked that she should be a poster child. Our cardiac nurse and I both said, "She is. She's a poster child for CHD awareness."

I told him all about things you guys were doing for Tehilla and the plan for people to wear red for support. He loved it! Our nurse will be wearing red, as well!

As I finished writing this, one of the cardiac surgeons came to check her. He yelled at me for not watching her and holding her constantly.  I laughed and said, "I'm sorry. She is one years old. It happens." He is making us stay an extra half an hour to make sure she is okay. 

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