Thursday, December 4, 2014


Yes, I'm pacing like mad waiting to see her. No, I can't be patient. 

Here's a heads up: The next posts will have graphic pictures. Prepare yourself and don't let small children see them.

Thank you all of you for everything.

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  1. B"H!!!! To me Tehilla is a miracle child -- not because she has survived her Glenn, but because of the way this small child of HaShem has brought people around the world to pray for her, bake challot in her behalf, wear red for her, bring tzedekkah for her. . . How many of us in our entire lives touch ten or twenty other people? Tehilla, at the age of one, has touched hundreds of thousands! B"H! He is great. He is all knowing. He has worked miracles through the life of this child and her mother.