Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I thought I would post a picture of Tehilla's fine handiwork, while I got dressed this morning. 

We checked in and got one of our favorite nurses in the surgery ward. Tehilla had her vitals taken and I immediately requested they put EMLA cream, a numbing cream, on all areas they may use for a blood test and IV. 

Tehilla will be sent for an X-ray and possibly an echo. She will need to be checked by a cardiac surgeon and an anesthesiologist.

Some frustrating news- our cardiologist is currently in reserve duty for the army (where he runs a field hospital) and will only be back on Monday.  We are very displeased by this information.  

Truth be told, our surgeon is the one that will be calling all the shots and our cardiologist would have little input, until they did a post-op echo. Our cardiologist will be back for that. 

One of the other cardiologists will check on her. When our nurse saw how upset I was, she offered the option to postpone the surgery. We chose not to. She will be in good hands with our surgeon and the other cardiologists on staff. 

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