Saturday, December 20, 2014

Fourth and Fifth Nights of Hanukkah

I did not have a chance to update the blog before Shabbat started. Happy fourth and fifth night of Hanukkah!

Tehilla's chest tube scar has been healing nicely. Tehilla has spent the last two days constantly eating and being hungry.  She will finish eating a meal, get cleaned up and as soon as we put her down, she starts smacking her lips and pointing at food all over again.  It's been out of hand. 

I had a breakthrough in fattening her up. This blog has been amazing in so many ways. It has exceeded any expectations that I had since this blog gained attention. People are inspired and praying for Tehilla, and I believe that it has played a huge roll in her wellbeing.  It has also spread a lot of awareness about congenital heart defects.  It has aided in the creation of Little Lev... I really could go on, but it's late. 

One of the added bonuses that we have gained from this blog is this great big extended family. I truly mean that. There are so many people that have become a part of our lives and many of them write to us. And like real relatives, you send us unsolicited but incredibly helpful advice. And it just shows us all the more how loved we truly are. So a very big heartfelt thank you. 

We were sent a lot of advice on how to fatten Tehilla up. Almost everyone had the same tricks and tips.  And I really have been listening. I made Tehilla a smoothie from yogurt and juice and am slowly and sneakily hiding fattening and nutritious ingredients in it.  Little Tehilla is, thank G-d, none the wiser and is loving her delicious smoothies. I'm working on many of the other suggestions. Thanks for the help!

On Friday night, Tehilla fell asleep on my chest, while I was sitting on the couch, waiting for Ron to get back from shul (synagogue). Tzviel and Mechal were playing pretty nicely together. Somewhere around the time when Tzviel's pirates had captured Mechal's Polly Pocket and was going to feed her to his dinosaur, but Batman, Superman, and Flash saved the day...I closed my eyes. I was immediately transported to that family beach day from last summer. I remembered the waves, and the distant sound of children playing in the water. Most of all I remember the feeling that I felt when I let go. I let go of the anxieties and fears that were a constant presence and I just enjoyed a snuggle with my baby daughter on the beach. 

I got to re-experience that feeling again. I just enjoyed a wonderful snuggle with my baby daughter on a relaxing Friday night at home. I was not thinking about her heart function or her blood pressure. It was just me and my family. I ended up having a peaceful little nap with Tehilla. With Tehilla's Glenn surgery behind us, I hope to have many more wonderful moments like that again.  

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