Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Home Sweet Home

Please excuse the macaroni and cheese all over her face. As it turns out, Tehilla is not a fan of hospital food, but she was more than happy to shovel three servings of macaroni and cheese into her mouth, as quickly as her little hands could scoop it up.

We got home and she immediately crawled to all the toys and started crawling from room to room, as if she was checking that everything still was where it should be. She is so happy to be home, in her own surroundings, far away from IV toting doctors and blood pressure cuff carrying nurses.

Good night, my dear blog family. This heart mama needs to recoup some sleep. Thank you for being with us through every step of this journey.


  1. BH, welcome home!! Enjoy your sleep...

  2. BH!!!!! enjoy being home with your beautiful and amazing baby girl :)

  3. Yay, Tehilla! You're so incredibly cute! We're so proud of you and your family and so, so grateful to Hashem for your successful Glenn. You keep eating up that yummy homemade food, and we'll keep davening for you! Hope everyone gets a good night's rest.