Saturday, December 6, 2014

Loud Choice Words

Sometimes if you make a big enough can make yourself heard.

The doctor came in about two hours ago and announced we were being moved down to the post-op ward. The infamous 4th floor. The reason was that the PICU suddenly had many emergency cases and there was no room.

I very forcefully demanded we not move, that Tehilla was not stable enough. That she was only two days after heart surgery and they haven't even gotten her blood pressure under control.

They felt she was stable enough and they could manage her blood pressure downstairs. They had checked with our surgeon who gave the okay.

I told them that they were only moving her because they had no room and they were not doing what was right for her. She has terrible headaches and they were moving her to a noisy room with eight patients and all their families.  That on the fourth floor I have to chase nurses to get the medication she needs, how on earth do they think her pain management will be handled. 

The doctor asserted that he has emergency cases coming in and doesn't have the room. I told him that was his problem and it had nothing to do with my daughter.

The arguing went back and forth between myself, Ron, two nurses and the doctor. We went to pack up our stuff and when we came back, we were informed that they moved some people around and we were staying in the PICU, but probably only until the morning and if there were more emergencies, we may have to still move.

There's a bit of a tense awkward feeling now, but I will manage. The nurses change in 45 min anyways. Hopefully the doctors as well.

Tehilla is resting although her body language shows that she is irritable and probably has a headache. 

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  1. Wow. Good for you! You did right to stand up for your daughter. Continued prayers for refuah shlaima- I had her in mind when I lit candles this shabbos!