Monday, December 15, 2014

Unmixed Emotions

We went to see our family doctor to discuss the cardiology appointment and to get the proper referrals. 

Our doctor agreed that it was thorough to check Tehilla's kidneys, however he reassured me, "It's possible something could be wrong with her kidneys but not probable. We're just being sure."  That helped me breath a bit easier.

I asked for a prescription of EMLA, a numbing cream, so that I can be sure that it is applied each time Tehilla needs a blood test. Got it.

As well, I discussed earlier with our nurse and cardiologist and now family doctor, about sending Tehilla for some physical or occupational therapy.

Tehilla is completely within the spectrum of normal development.  She is walking along the furniture but has not let go or tried to walk on her own.  There is nothing wrong with the way she is developing- however after three surgeries, three heart catheters and numerous hospitalizations, we have no way of knowing if it has impacted her development. It can't hurt, it can only help her, and with socialized health care, it's covered. So there is no reason not to go for it and she more than qualifies for an evaluation just based on her medical history.  Everyone agrees it's a good idea.

I also got a prescription for a blood pressure device.  I will get help from our nurse friends on learning the proper ways to take blood pressure measurements as well as how to read them.

So, overall a good productive day.


  1. I was just thinking that I hoped she was developing on schedule. Glad to hear!

  2. I'm so happy for these updates.
    I have a b/p device as I need to monitor my own. It's not difficult - you'll do great at it.

    A whole group of us on Facebook watch for your blog updates and have been praying as well as all your other friends and family.

    I love the t-shirt, Tehilla is such a miracle and we thank HaShem for His mercy and goodness in her life.

    Shalom and blessings to your family,


  3. They are checking her kidneys because they emit a hormone called renin that regulates the blood pressure. Also make sure they check her thymus gland just above her heart. it helps with making wbc but it also regulates the electrical impulses of the heart muscles and all of the muscles of the body.