Monday, December 29, 2014

Heart Diva

Heads up: Normal baby reporting ahead! (Thank G-d! )

Those baby blues, dimples, and princess pink (Yay!) lips may look innocent and charming, but this little heart warrior princess is starting to pack some serious attitude. While she may have half a heart and be a late bloomer for growing hair (where is that hair???), she has decided to bring on the terrorism associated with toddlerhood early.

Lately, she doesn't just shake her head no or push something away when we have selected incorrectly from her little majesty's command of "this". Now she shrieks.

She also may or may not have smacked a few family members and may have started demanding other people's possessions. So, we have started to discipline her by gently saying, "No, Tehilla, that's not nice. We don't hurt people..." On the mere utterance of the word "No", her bottom lip sags and pouts, her eyes fill with tears and she screeches some more. We can be so insensitive sometimes.

But she is healthy and well, thank G-d, so we shrug our shoulders and say, "With G-d's help, this should be the worst of it."

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  1. Shoshana, your latest post brought a smile to my face. These are wonderful problems to have!! She is ALIVE!! B"H!