Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Security and Love

My challah just came out of the oven. I don't know if I have ever had such an intense and emotionally provoking challah bake. So many women joined me and baked challah in Tehilla's merit. I have been receiving pictures all day. I can't wait to share them all with you, tomorrow, after everyone has sent them. 

I felt the love and support of all of you enveloping me, as I poured my heart out to G-d and begged for my most deepest desire. As a dear friend has pointed out to me, Tehilla has become a part of your lives to the point where she is your Tehilla, as well.

My home is filled with the delicious aroma of fresh challah, but also with a calm serenity. We are so surrounded by support and love, that we are able to feel extremely positive going into surgery.

I received this email today, from Rabbi Baruch Gopin of Yeshiva University MTA High School:

Dear Shoshana,
I just wanted to update you and to perhaps be "mechazek" (strengthen) you and your family.

You are not in this alone. Attached, there is a list of 200 students and Rebbeim in MTA that have committed bli neder- to "No Talking for Tehilla".

As a yeshiva, we all said Tehillim (Psslms) this morning after shacharis (morning prayers) and will do so tomorrow iy"h (with G-d's help).

In addition, the boys in my shiur (class) went around to all the shiurim (classes) today hanging up the Tehilla cards, asking the boys to learn today and tomorrow for Tehilla.

This project has changed the davening (praying) in our yeshiva. This is a huge  zechus (merit) for Tehilla.

We are praying that Hashem guides the doctors with Chochma (wisdom), and that the surgery should go well.

Refuah Sheleima. (Complete Recovery)

Baruch Gopin

We have done everything. We feel very good about that. We feel secure going into this surgery. I can't wait to tell Tehilla, one day, when she is older about all the extended family that joined together to make her surgeries successful.

Please remember to wear RED tomorrow for Tehilla.  Share your picture on Facebook and put #teamtehilla.  Please write "1 in 110 babies are born with a congenital heart defect". Send pictures to

You have all made a difference in our lives. Thank you.

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