Monday, December 1, 2014

Getting Ready

Tehilla is babbling more than ever. We are pretty sure that she calls Tzviel "weee-ewwwl". With her intonation it makes more sense. 

While she is learning to open cupboards and dump out craft supplies, we are working very hard to get our home and family ready for surgery. We are making sure everything is in order for both kids, and organizing our home to the extreme. 

We are staying positive and pumped and just concentrating on how much better Tehilla's heart circulation will be after the surgery. We are excited to get to the next stage already.

A quick reminder to buy your baking supplies and be ready to bake challah with us this Wednesday. I will try to remind everyone again tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who has kept Tehilla's name in their thoughts and prayers!


  1. Dear Shoshana ,
    Looking forward to baking with you for Tehilla -when the loaves are made are they some of them frozen ? Glad to see that Tehilla is better and looks happy !!
    Always love ,

    1. Hi,

      I usually freeze half of the dough and use it the following week. It can be done right after the mitzvah of hafrashat challah.

      Love to you!