Monday, December 8, 2014


We had a fairly okay night. Tehilla is doing very well when she is pain free.

Unfortunately our night nurse did not agree with Tehilla's pain management regiment and woukd nit give it to her often enough. So, right now Tehilla is in pain and we are waiting for the Optalgin to kick in.

Tehilla's gag reflex is very hightened and between all the pain medication and other medications she is gagging. I'm making a big effort to not give her medicine after eating and to do everything possible to keep her from throwing up.

Other then that, she is doing very well.

Our surgeon and cardiologist just came to check her. They are very happy with Tehilla's progress. Her pain is within normal for post-Glenn.

They are trying to have us switched to a regular room in the post-op ward.

Tomorrow, Tehilla will have an x-ray and echo. If everything looks good, we go home. Tomorrow.

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