Sunday, December 14, 2014

Gobbling Fatty Foods

Tehilla is now almost entirely pain free. She had a wonderful restful Shabbat, as did all of us. She is happy to be at home, sleeping in her own crib and back on a normal nap/sleep schedule.

As for the eating fatty foods: Well, as it turns out, we are a few days away from the wonderful holiday of Hanukkah. One of the most delicious traditional treats of Hanukkah is a sufganiyah, a jelly doughnut. Actually, calling it a jelly doughnut, feels slightly sacrilegious, as it is a soft and sweet fried pastry, and depending on which store you go to, is filled with jelly, caramel, chocolate fudge, Irish cream...etc. The bottom line is that it is categorically impossible not to gain weight from eating one.  Tehilla wasted no time devouring it.

We have been feeding her plenty of healthy fattening foods, as well, and trying to sneak in scoops of pediasure (she hates the stuff) into her food. I will be trying many new things to fatten her up.

Tomorrow, she goes back to see her cardiologist, Dr. Golander, for another echo, to see if there has been an improvement in her heart function. Please keep her in your prayers!


  1. you can make her an avocado banana and pediasure smoothie. it has apple and little spinach . the avocado will give her the healthy fat. but don't worry so much about her weight. The L-rd and Tehilla knows what her body needs as far as weight. Much Love and continue to be Blessed.

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