Monday, December 15, 2014

Mixed Emotions

This morning, Tehilla crawled into Mechal's room, found Mechal's headband and quickly crawled out of her room with it. She then spent several minutes trying to get it on her own head. I helped her put it on and Tehilla said, "Oooh. Wow!" I let her wear it today. She entertained everyone with her headband and if I took it off, she would insist on me putting it back on her head. 

Tehilla had her appointment with Dr. Golander and an echo. Tehilla loved the echocardiographer that did her echo and did not cry or even move whatsoever, until our cardiologist came into the room. 

There has been a slight improvement in her heart functionality.  When we discuss her heart functionality we are talking about the muscles in her heart and how strongly they are able to work. Because hers are weakened, she is considered to be in heart failure. The question is why. 

After, our nurse took us to weigh Tehilla and check her blood pressure. She went up in weight: 7.800 kg and her blood pressure is very very high. 

We went to discuss this with Dr. Golander.  She is on Enalapril for blood pressure. He was actually happy to have found a reason for her moderately reduced heart function.  Her blood pressure. So now the question is, why is it so high?

It could be that the Enalapril is not working for her. They have many different medications for heart kids that we can try. If that is the problem.  

Her blood pressure being high can also be an indication that there is something wrong with her kidneys. So, we need to check this out first and hopefully rule it out. She will have to go for an ultrasound to make sure there is nothing anatomically problematic with her kidneys and a blood test to check her kidney function.  

If there is nothing wrong with her kidneys, please G-d, then we switch medications for her blood pressure. 

We see Dr. Golander again in a month. He wants her to have her blood pressure routinely monitored. We are looking into buying a blood pressure measuring device for our home. It may be tricky to find a blood pressure cuff for her size. 

There is more to update about, but now we have to go talk to our family doctor.  I will update again later. 

Please please please pray that Tehilla's kidneys are perfectly normal and fine. 


  1. May HaShem bless your little one and may her kidneys be in perfect health. G-d bless you!

  2. I can't take that face!!!!!! Shes soooooooooo cute!!! Wat an adorable personality bh!!!!!!! Love her!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍