Sunday, December 7, 2014

Eating My Words

Let this be a lesson to me not to assume the worst and go into a situation with a negative attitude. 

I was wrong.

We have had a pretty good experience on this floor. Yes, the room is noisy. Every step down ward in any hospital has a primary goal of transferring responsibility and care for the patient, on to the parent. Without it, parents would not be able to care for their post-op recovering children. And it's hard. And you aren't given a huge learning curve. But it's necessary.

The truth is that the fourth floor gave me the ability to soothe Tehilla in ways that the PICU couldn't.  In the PICU, patients do not get out of bed. They are in a critical state.

But on the fourth floor, I have been able to stroll Tehilla around in her stroller. For her, this is possibly the most relaxing thing. She is also able to look at the fish aquarium, which provides endless entertainment with a side of relaxing effect.  

The fourth floor is noisy, so I find better means of helping Tehilla.

Our nurses here have been absolutely wonderful.  I clearly explained the importance of Tehilla's pain medication regiment and they responded with clear instructions, "I'm so happy you told me this. I will be running all over, so please don't let me forget." They all have been very easy going and helpful.

I was wrong. Tehilla was ready to move down and it has been a positive experience and she is thriving because  of it. I'm going to remember this lesson for the future. 

Tehilla is sleeping in her stroller, purposefully, as the raised height reduces the pressure in her head.

She is improving considerably and our surgeon couldn't help smiling when he saw her this evening. 

Thank G-d for all the good in our lives. For the open miracles and the discretely hidden miracles that mask themselves as nature. Thank G-d for our wonderful friends and family and all of you that have showed us a constant outpouring of love and support.

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  1. child is looking cool in stroller, thanks for updating this wonderful picture.